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asleep by OtakuPowerBro
oh hi. what's this? i'm back? yeah whatever.

decided to start off with a kick. did this pretty quickly. idk.


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    Donated Dec 5, 2012, 7:16:47 PM
Hello~ I'm here to call for hire a Manga Artist. I'll pay with 30 Points (I apologize, I don't have much). Although I am expecting mostly girls, I truly don't mind which gender. Yes, this is a Shoujo Manga, or a manga directed towards the female party. This means that there will be drama, comedy, unrequited love, drama, friendship, lies, and drama. It will also include drama. So if you're willing to cooperate with me, please read the following information.


  • UnderLuck is the current name for the Manga.
  • Although it takes places in Japan (because I want to expand my views), it will go from left to right, not right to left like traditional Japanese manga.


Main Characters: (In no particular order)

Yoshi Au: The main female protagonist. Commonly mistaken for a boy, her appearance tends to drive away from the girly and cute type. She has dark blue hair, as well as brown eyes. Although muscular and flat-chested, her body is still somewhat feminine. Her personality is very loud, and rough. She's lazy and constantly fails tests. Her closet consists of mostly t-shirts, shorts, and pants. Most of her shirts are band shirts for a [Fictional Band] band called Basan. Her favorite food is spicy ramen and meat buns, and she is also an avid fruit eater. Yoshi is in a sports' team for her school, and plays basketball. She plays on the boys' team, because of how much she looks like one. Despite this, she plays many other sports including Basketball, softball, swim team, and karate. She lives with her older brother, Kyou, in his apartment. Everyday after basketball, she takes out shoujo manga, fantasizing about one day becoming a princess.

Her birthday is December 18. She's 16 year old, blood type A, and is 5ft 5" tall. More details later.

Akari Moriyashi: The second female protagonist, and one of Yoshi's closest friends. Knowing Yoshi since childhood, Akari usually hangs around Yoshi or Hibiki, another childhood friend. She is considered to be the rock lolita type, due to the way she presents herself. Despite this, her taste in clothing is very colourful and bright. Her hair long a straight, being a blonde color. She usually always keeps it down, with a purple bow as a headband. Her eyes are a dark brownish/orangish colour, with naturally thick and long lashes. She also always has a locket necklace around her neck, the locket being in the shape of a treasure box. She is very lethargic and apathetic, as well as blunt and straight-forward. She never beats around the bush, and is honest with everything she says. She lives in a large house with her parents and younger brother, Haru. She is in no clubs, but enjoys reading books of all kinds. You'd normally see her reading books with strange names, and uncommon plots. Also being a fan of Basan, she has multiple posters across her room. She helps Yoshi become a girl, doing her hair everyday. She's 16 years old, Blood Type AB, and is 5ft 3" tall. More details later.

Hibiki Nakahara: The male protagonist, and a friend of Yoshi. He is the shortest of the circle of friends, as well as the only boy. He tends to be attached to Akari, for an unknown reason. He is thought to be a shota, as he is very shy and cute. He enjoys dressing in plaid shorts and vests, with button up shirts. He has bright red hair that is covered mostly by his favorite gray hat. His eyes are light brown. Being the shyest, he is very quiet. His reactions to certain things result in extreme blushing and often are caused by Yoshi, for self satisfaction. He is kind, though can sometimes be very upfront about things. Hibiki lives with his father, and had older sister. He has a strong liking towards kittens and stuffed animals, but usually prefers stronger women rather than cute ones. Since the entire group has a love towards Basan, Hibiki being the biggest fan, he has many different merchandise. Tshirts, posters, bracelets, pictures... Thought he usually keeps them all in his closet, not wanting to cause a mess towards his family. He's 15 years old, Blood Type A, and is 5ft tall. More details later.

Kyou Au: Yoshi's older brother, Kyou, is a very zombie-like person. He is always stuck in his room, trying to achieve what Yoshi calls 'The Impossible Dream'. Despite, no one except Kyou himself actually knows what that dream truly is. His eyes have bags and he often spends days without eating, which Yoshi worries about. Whenever he comes out, his eyes look red and tired, and he always walks sleepily. Though it may not seem so, he cares deeply for his younger sister. He has black hair, and brown eyes. He always dresses in a pair of worn out, over sized jeans and white t shirt, covered by a striped sweater of some sort. Kyou is lazy, and only productive in things he feels in important. He is overprotective and can sometimes be loud, as his constant tiredness tends to give him low patience.There is never much to say about him, as he is mysterious, always cooped up in his room. He's 24, Blood Type O, and is 5'8ft tall. More details later.

Chiako Himezawa-Sensei: The math teacher, and homeroom teacher, for Hibiki, Akari, and Yoshi. Chiako tends to always pick on her students, enjoying the reactions she gets. Many of the male students claim to be in love with her, as she is a very attractive woman. Girls look up to her coolness and casual feel. She has black hair which is normally tied into a bun, with dark green eyes. She has black glasses and normally wears white button up shirts tucked into a tight black skirt that reaches down her knees. She is a good teacher, and is very responsible. Contrasting to her mature aura, Chiako tends to drink a lot and is actually quite childish. She is friends with Yoshi's older brother, having been to the same middle school and high school. How ever they do not keep in touch much. She's 23, Blood Type B, and is 5ft 6" tall. More details later.

Hotaru Inoue: Hotaru appears later in the story, though is a very important character. He is the first person to realize Yoshi is a girl at first sight. He is calm and reserved, having a mature personality. He has brown hair and green eyes. Hotaru is a transfer student to the school, and ever since he took the very first step on the grounds, all the girls swooned after his handsome appearance. He is strong, smart, but very cold towards everyone. Usually dressing in a very stylish yet casual manner, her owns many V necks and jeans. He also has a large temper, that tends to drive people away. Despite his 'leave me alone' aura, he truthfully wants a friend. Hotaru is very mysterious as he keeps many things to himself. His secretive ways tend to set Yoshi off, but as time goes by, each secret unravels into something more. He's 16 years old, Blood Type A, and 5ft 7" tall. More details later.


Story line.

"Ah, I'm sorry! You see... I... I'm not gay so..."

Was all Jin Fukuyama had to say to send Yoshi Au into a fury. Yoshi had always been mistaken for a boy; with her short hair, muscular form, and rough personality. It never helped that she wore a boys' uniform, either. Despite Yoshi's masculine ways, she was still a girl. And like every girl, she also has first loves and crushes, right? One day, Yoshi went to confess to Jin, a boy in her basketball team. Jin, thinking she was a boy, mumbled the words 'I'm not gay'. It was at that moment Yoshi had decided to go on to road of womanhood. With her friends along side her, and a mysterious new transfer student ready to sweep those dreams away, will Yoshi ever achieve her plans of becoming the perfect girl?


Things I Look for in a Manga Artist

I would really appreciate professional artist that can draw very well. One that can do serious art, normal art, and then cute or chibi art. Someone who has experience in drawing manga is also greatly appreciated. People who can try their best to do work as quickly as they can (because I understand some have school or other matters) are people I love, so I would prefer someone to try their best to do final drafts when they can. This isn't the manga business, don't worry, you won't have deadlines! I think it would be nice to have someone who isn't close minded, and would like to try new things as I may have some advice as to how I think it would look better. Despite that, someone who can also argue against me with their opinion is also welcomed. 

I do prefer neat looking, digital art, but if traditional, I don't mind. If you are doing traditional, please scan it and than make the lines clearer and darker with an application. To save yourself from this, I would really prefer digital. One way I draw digitally is to first draw it on paper, then transfer it onto my laptop, trace it and then add details and other things. Simply a suggestion. If you have Manga Studios or any software/application that is used for manga, I assure you your work will be easier. Lastly, I would appreciate responsible applicants. 'Nuff said.

How I do my Business

Since I am the story creator, I will spend my time mostly coming up with how each chapter will play out. It will mostly be a summary. If I get the approval and liking of the artist, I would then begin on the rough draft. The rough draft mostly shows how things would play out in manga form. Again I would send it to you, hoping for approval. Of course, I would accept you to discuss certain things and make them better. The better it is, the better I feel! Anyways, once you approve the rough draft, you would move on to creating the complete final draft with your awesome artistic skills and BAM! New page. I would like to give around two-three pages every week? If that's possible, of course. I will give you a llama, 30 :points: (more if I actually get more points) and obviously, since it's your art, make you post each page on your account. I won't post it on mine without your permission. 

This is all I ask for, and I am hoping for at least someone to consider it! Simply send a note, or comment on this, and I'll check you out! Thank you!

I wanted to remake this and have improved my characters just a bit more with more background information. I truly hope someone can apply! Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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